Top 10 Best Restaurants in America

We will tell you about some best restaurants in America, about the best restaurants in America where you can enjoy the food and other things.

1. Alinea, Chicago

“This was the best meal I can remember. The food was great, very tasty, but also very imaginative, most courses have a special presentation and story, so much fun. It was not only a dining experience but also an art performance. Service was also great, staff was pleasant and attentive. This is a place for somebody who enjoys fine, but modern and creative dining.” – TripAdvisor reviewer

Alinea, Chicago

2. Eleven Madison Park, New York City

“Dining here is about more than just the food which is beyond excellent, it is about the experience. Be prepared to be treated like royalty. The service is superb; the presentation of the food second to none and the quality is outstanding. It was like a performance for us only. The restaurant was full but the whole evening felt like it was about us and our table. It really did feel like we were the only people there. It was definitely worth the price of admission.”

Eleven Madison Park, New York City

3. Restaurant Gary Danko, San Francisco

What a great restaurant. The service was fantastic, the food was excellent, and a very nice atmosphere. Had dinner with four others, and everyone enjoyed their selections. The incredible wine list, with appropriate recommendations. When in San Francisco, this is a must….but make reservations early.” – TripAdvisor reviewer.

Restaurant Gary Danko, San Francisco

4. Halls Chophouse, Charleston, South Carolina

“The caliber of the beef choices was superb and greatly impressed my fiance who is a steak expert and lover! She crab soup was delicious as well as the mac and cheese and asparagus sides. Our waiter was top notch providing knowledge of the cuts of beef as well as providing us with travel tips for our visit. We will absolutely be going back to Halls on our next visit.”

Halls Chophouse, Charleston, South Carolina

5. Victoria & Albert’s, Orlando, Florida

From the moment we stepped through the door we were treated like royalty. Starting with personalized menus and the tuffet brought special to put my clutch on. The wine pairing was perfect and the food, while upscale and gorgeous, was never pretentious. Every bite was pure pleasure and the servings were very generous for this type of food. At the end of the meal, the women were given a long-stemmed red rose and we each were given a copy of our personalized menu to take home. Every detail was well thought out and delivered with the utmost professionalism.” – TripAdvisor reviewer

Victoria & Albert’s, Orlando, Florida

6. Uchi, Austin, Texas

There isn’t enough praise I could dish out for everything that is Uchi. The service, decor, food, and wine/sake selection are absolutely perfect. It’s definitely a five-star dining experience with a large price tag, but it’s worth it for the ingredients alone. You don’t feel out of place in some snobby restaurant where they’re charging you tons just because they put a flake of truffle on your dish or sneering at you because you went for the cheapest wine option that’s still over $100. It’s a place that’s all about a great ambiance and loving food.”

Uchi, Austin, Texas

7. Bouley, New York City

The service was flawless from the time we arrived till the moment we left. Everything was fantastic, I went with my wife and some friends and they gave us a very big and comfortable table. I have to say that the food was really beyond my expectations. I had the Porccini Flan as an appetizer and the Lamb as an entree. My wife had the shrimp and scallops, I’ve tried some and it was delightful.

Bouley, New York City

8. Canlis Restaurant, Seattle

“The service was terrific with consistent attention to detail demonstrated by all of the staff that served us (hostess, servers, and support staff). They even ironed our tablecloth when clearing the entree in preparation for dessert. The food was terrific. We especially enjoyed the tableside Canlis salad preparation. It was fun to watch the salad come together and tasted great.”

Canlis Restaurant, Seattle

9. Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, Dallas

“I enjoy this restaurant every time I walk through the doors. My husband and I chose this as our place to celebrate 20 years of knowing each other. The food is always good and loves the ambiance. I had the lobster/steak combo and both were cooked to perfection. We were thoroughly satisfied and enjoyed our evening. Can’t wait to return!”. This is the on of Best restaurants in America.

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, Dallas


Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, Dallas

10. Daniel, New York City

“The menus are constantly tweaked to give diners new flavors and sensations that make dining a new and refreshing experience each time. The professional wait staff makes dinning a pleasure and this is one of the few places in the United States that I feel measures up to European standards of excellence. Daniel should be proud of his staff for the wonderful job that they do in keeping the standards so consistently high. You will be treated like a treasured guest and gratified by the experience.”

Daniel, New York City

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